Quality supported living provider in East Anglia

We aim to be the best supported living provider in East Anglia, delivering quality care and support all the time, every time.

Inspiring Support believes that, for services to be effective, they should be based on sound values and principles and an understanding of the fundamental and individual needs of each person we support. Supporting individuals that experience disability or disadvantage is a privilege, and we do not take what we do for granted.

We know that good support looks different for every person, but our fundamental values are embedded in every action we take; making sure that we promote independence enabling our clients to do as much as they can for themselves, and supporting them with challenges, both physical and emotional.

We aim to be the best supported living provider in East Anglia, delivering quality care and support all the time, everytime.

So how do we achieve this?

  • Clients interview their support workers and make choices over who supports them
  • Clients create their own care plans and behaviour plans with staff; they make informed choices about how they are supported
  • Client’s take part in staff reviews giving the client the opportunity to review their workers and help develop the workers skills so they get a deeper understanding of the clients
  • Each care and support package is bespoke, it is built around and with the client

We listen to the clients dreams and aspirations. Then through working with families / carers and support circles we create a support package that meets the clients needs. This is reviewed regularly so that we can update if dreams change.

Who do we support

We support young people aged 16 to 19 that need high level support.

Adults over 18 with additional needs through disability or disadvantage that need bespoke care packages including;

  • High level support to live independently and manage their own home, including all the duties that come with it
  • Individuals that are transitioning to adulthood needing care and support
  • Support to go on holiday / travel
  • Support to access the community and engage with activities

Contact us for more information

If you would like any more information regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on our contact page.